North State Journal


Childhood Cancer

After a doctor's visit, Nancy Lenfestey's and Liz Ferm's lives were changed. Before, their stresses consisted of what after school activity to attend or what household appliance to buy, but those small worries were suspended the moment they were told their sons had cancer.  


Sexual Assault

Katherine* was raped her freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill in February 2014. 


TraveL Ban

On Jan. 28, the Khadras had reached their last feasible option for being reunited with their 3-year-old daughter — applying for a visitor visa.

Clinton's Final Rally

At 12:45 a.m. on Election Day, Hillary Clinton stood on the stage of NC State’s Reynolds Coliseum for her final rally, showing the importance of North Carolina in the presidential election.


Cruz Nunez was 4 years old. He only remembers being packed like sardines in a van and crossing a river in a tire. His family left Mexico to create a new life in Carrboro, N.C.